At M King Roofing & Cladding we recognise the importance of repairing, replacing, or refubishing an industrial building. You can rely on M King Roofing & Cladding to guide you through every step of your project. We take pride in providing our customers with expert advice throughout all construction phases. Our team are traditionally trained and is dedicated to high-quality workmanship using the latest techniques and the highest quality materials.

Our range of services


M King Roofing & cladding work closely with clients and main contractors to ensure a sucsessful completion of any project. We offer a complete new build construction package including:

Single skin roof and wall cladding

Double skin roof and wall cladding

Composite roof and wall cladding

Standing seam roofs

Powder coated flashings

All types of gutters and rain water systems

Cladding removal

Since the devostating fire at Grenell Towers, more and more buildings are failing short of fire saftey tests resulting in the cladding removal on a large scale. As a cladding company, M King Roofing and Cladding are fully equiped to remove any type of cladding with the correct procedures. 

General Maintenance

Maintainance is essential to prolong the life of your building. From leaks that can cause many internal problems, to damaged wall panels that make your building look untidy.

M King Roofing & Cladding can supply a wide range of sevices to keep your building at its full potential. Here are some of the services that we provide;

Gutter cleaning,

Moss covered roof clearing,


Damaged cladding replacment.  

Asbestos fibre cement removal

 M King Roofing & Cladding are fully trained and qualified to remove asbestos fibre cement. We work to strict guidelines governed by the HSE, All removals will follow the correct procedures and will be disposed off in the correct manner.

Rooflight replacement

Over time, Rooflight become discoloured and brittle due to exposure to the suns rays. This can bring many problems with leaks and poor natural sun light penertrating into your building.

M King Roofing & Cladding supply a economical service which will solve these problems, by replacing old for new in any metal or asbestos fibre cement roof. 


Overclad is a very good way to install a new roof with almost no disterbance to your day to day routine. With no need to remove your exsisting roof, A new roof is simply installed over the top.

We can also overclad the exsting cladding or brickwork of a building to make it look more up to date and modern. This is a good way to improve a buildings looks and insulation values with a smaller budget. 


At M King Roofing & Cladding, We can adapt or extend most buildings and can give good advice on the most efficent way to over come any problems. Weather it would be a watertight penertration through a roof or cladding, extention or a new entrance door through cladding.

If its possable, We will have an solution. 

Strip and Re-sheet

Removal of exsisting worn unrepairable roof/cladding and replacing with new composite insulated panel or a build up system. This could be arranged over a weekend, or a period of weekends to ensure the least amount of disturbance to your buisness.   

Gutter Lining

After many years of standing water, gutter begin to corrode and start leaking.

We can reline steel, asbestos & concrete gutters with a fully welded ploypropylene gutter liner.  

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